Thursday, December 20, 2012

Health Corner: Thoughts and Review of mySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink

The holiday season is upon us and for the most part, that means we are set to be entranced by platter after platter of moist chocolate cakes, crispy lechon (pig roasted over open flame) skin, buttermilk fried chicken, butter garlic shrimps and all those other irresistible good eats.

And no matter how hard we try to stand our ground and say no, that hard veneer of will power will tear apart just as the aroma of a cheesy rice cake topped with slices of salted duck egg and shreds of coconut meat seductively wafts through the air.

And believe me, my battle plan to wage through the holidays without putting on layers of body fat fails every. damn. year.

But this time around, I am facing this upcoming week of pure food porn armed with a bottle... or two of mySlim, that is. mySlim is a sugar-free energizing and detoxifying drink that effectively reduces bloating by flushing away toxins (a.k.a that quarter-pound burger and large fries you had for lunch) from the body.

The active ingredients of MySlim are:

*Yerba Mate - it contains properties that increase metabolic rate by as much as 10%. It is widely used by people across Europe to aid in losing weight.

*L-Carnitine - a substance that helps turn fat into energy

*Low Glycemic - my understanding of this is based on the Low-glycemic diet, the principle of which is basically binded on how blood sugar goes up when you garb on a carbohydrate food. So, a low-GI food is good news for us all. Also, this diet is the basis of other popular weight-loss programs like the South Beach and Ending the Food Fight.

MySlim 101

It reminds me of a strawberry-flavored ice candy but less sweet and sugary. Depending on your preference, this tastes good either cold or in room temperature. 

When to take
Feeling flatulent and bloated? If so, this is the best time you should drink this detoxifying juice. It will definitely come in handy when after happily finishing your third healthy serving of beef stew, you find yourself regretting the holiday-induced gluttony five minutes later.

What to Expect
It is important you eat before drinking because I noticed that  not only did I lose my appetite but I also I became sweaty and a bit light-headed thirty minutes after consuming a bottle. Just think diarrhea to a somewhat lesser degree.

But fret not, because this all goes away right after the first 'flush-out' episode.

An hour or so after, I heard my tummy giving out soft moans, which in a matter of minutes turn into loud and angry growls. Needless to say, these sounds heralded what we all know is coming next. I made three to five visits to the loo to seemingly exonerate a week worth of meals from my stomach.

So, ideally MySlim is to be consumed when the main activity of your day is something like facebooking (yes, it's a verb now) your time away. Unless, of course you want to go around and paint the town with the color of your chaos.

Please take note
The recommended number of times you can drink mySlim is one to two times a week.  

I highly suggest that you try this product out, which for just P49 (a little more than $1) a pop, is a cheap and effective way of helping you lose and/or maintain your weight not only during the holidays but any time of the year.

Homemade Alternatives

However, if mySlim is not available in your local supermarkets, you can always whip up a cleansing juice right at the comfort of your own kitchen. Here are a couple of recipes you can try:

Fresh Cranberry Juice  
Mix 1 cup of full-strength cranberry juice with 4 cups of water, then add a teaspoon each of Psyllium fiber and apple pectin.

Lemon Cleansing Power Juice
With a cup of water, add 1oz each of freshly-squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup and a pinch of cayenne pepper. 

Of course, it is always wise to consult you doctor/physician before beginning a detox diet.

A bit of disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and the product mentioned was purchased by my own money. Hence, the information I relayed  are based on my personal experience of mySlim. These are my honest opinions that I'm hoping could help other people who, like me, are interested in the various forms of detoxifying/cleansing. Good day!


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